Cooking City: Restaurant Games APK biểu tượng

Cooking City: Restaurant Games APK


Experience cooking madness in kitchens! Enjoy fever cooking games!

Main features

Hundreds of recipes to cook in the kitchen.

You can prepare dishes from all over the world: Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, American...

You will have to manage a restaurant and improve it with all kinds of improvements.

The game includes different cooking styles: classic, fusion, healthy and fast food.

It includes mini-games such as fruit matching or bubble shooter.

The player will be able to travel around the world and visit exotic cities such as New York or Paris. Travel through time zones and become an expert chef! The game includes hundreds of levels that will keep you hooked for hours on end! You will be able to unlock new ingredients and discover new cooking techniques to master the art of cooking!

Usefull tips on how to play the Cooking City

1. Download and install the Cooking City game for Android.
2. Start the game and create your account.
3. Choose a city to start cooking in and begin cooking dishes that you are familiar with.
4. Upgrade your ingredients to manage top restaurants.
5. Cook dishes that you have never seen before to attract more customers.

Các tính năng chính

  • Cook offline fun anywhere you like!
  • Upgrade hundreds of ingredients to manage top cooking restaurants!
  • Cook dishes that you are familiar with and that you have never seen before.
  • Master all kinds of dishes. Hungry diners grow with each city!
  • Fantasy strategy meets fast-paced game!
  • Time-management fun challenges cooking limits!
  • Cook up rewarding combos, earning big bonuses!
  • Make food never overcooked with special pans!
  • Increase earnings with Double Sales. Fresh ingredients are always inviting!
  • Powerful boosts feat star chefs skill and diner dash.
  • Dozens of theme restaurants with unique appliances for cooking.
  • Espresso machine or pizza oven, star chefs can always master them perfectly!
  • Manage time efficiently with kitchen appliances upgrades.
  • Better appliances helps cook food fast to win timed levels.
  • Các Cooking City: Restaurant Games game đã được xếp hạng với 4.70/5 từ 54 phiếu bầu và require android 5.1 để chạy đúng cách
  • cooking food game phù hợp với everyone.
  • 63,420,201 tổng số lượt cài đặt
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