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Tap Defenders APK

  • 1.8.30

Defend against attack and overcome the maximum stage

The game is a strategy RPG where you have to defend the city from attack by deploying your heroes on the map. You will have to choose them and equip them with weapons, armor, and other items that will make them stronger against the enemy forces.

Main features

It includes 8 different kinds of heroes: knight, mage, warrior, archer, monk, assassin, wizard, and priest.

Each character has unique skills and powers.

You can collect over 185 types of gears in the relic system.

Daily quests are available for each character type. The player must complete these missions to obtain rewards.

Usefull tips on how to play the Tap Defenders

1. Play the game for a while to get used to the controls.
2. Collect resources and build up your base.
3. Research new technologies to improve your defences.
4. Choose the right heroes to fight the enemy.
5. Keep an eye on the enemy's movements and react quickly to prevent them from attacking your base.

Các tính năng chính

  • The final boss of genre with Clicker(Tap) system, idel growth and even defense
  • Dear and cute 3D dot characters
  • 8 kinds of heroes! 185 types of gears! A relic system would be coming soon
  • Daily achievement rewards obtainable daily quests
  • Grow heroes, grow rewards
  • Heroes will be grow endlessly with the stone of soul/awakening/ascension!
  • It will be specialized in your favor by using awakening ability and transcendence characteristic
  • How hard is it to obtain awakening ability? don't worry. you can choose the ability what you want and earn mileage!
  • New awakening ability package what make the best of heroes' traits that will be added consistently
  • Auto progress the stage with neglect! obtain golds unlimitedly with grinding mode
  • Deploy heroes in keeping with synastry to increase their damage
  • Utilize buffs and debuffs to eliminate the enemy strategically
  • Compete with users mondial around the clock on the league system
  • You can enjoy the boss raid with users across the world for 2 weeks every season
  • Challenge for the world record damage with your clan members!
  • Các Tap Defenders game đã được xếp hạng với 4.00/5 từ 11 phiếu bầu và require android 5.1 để chạy đúng cách
  • defenders reward game phù hợp với everyone 10+.
  • 913,828 tổng số lượt cài đặt
  • Tải xuống miễn phí tap-defenders.apk
  • Tất cả các công cụ trên VirusTotal đã phát hiện thấy APK mới nhất được tải lên vào Oct 24, 2023 à an toàn và không gây hại.

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