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video recovery-restore deleted videos from phone by video recovery app.

Recover your deleted videos from the phone's memory.

How to recover deleted videos from Android? The first step is to download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. After that, you have to choose the type of file you want to recover: photos, videos, audios, contacts... Then select the files you want to restore and wait a few seconds for the recovery process to be completed. Finally, all recovered data will appear in a list. Main features These are the main functions of this video recovery-restore app:

Scan for lost or accidentally deleted files by just tapping on the button. Choose between internal storage and SD card as source. Compatible with different types of files: videos, audios, photos, contacts... Includes a history of searches so that we can always find our most recent searches. It allows us to search for specific keywords such as names or dates. Includes a file manager with which we can view all recovered files in detail. Allows us to export recovered files in different formats such as PDF, JPG or XLSX. Includes an option to send directly via email any file that has been recovered. Includes a function to create backups of our searches so that we can always recover them if necessary. Includes a tool to remove watermarks from images before recovering them. Includes an option to delete watermarks after recovering them. Includes an option to rename files before saving them back onto their original location on the device's memory card or internal storage. Includes an option for batch editing of folders and files at once without having to go through each one individually first.

Includes a function for viewing and sharing screenshots taken during video recording sessions by other applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Includes an option for sending notifications about new searches being made when they are found by email or SMS messaging service providers such as WhatsApp or Telegram Messenger (if enabled).

What's new in the latest version? No changelog available for this version anymore; probably no longer supported by its developers either due

Usefull tips on how to use the Recover deleted video - Video recovery app

you have scanned the lost videos, the app will show you the list of recovered videos. You can then choose to watch or save the video.

What are some of the 主な機能

Following is a list of the most prominent features that Recover deleted video - Video recovery app apk has to offer.

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