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Blob Runner 3D APK

Android 用ダウンロード
無料 game
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  • 最新バージョン: 6.3.0

Become a giant Blob


Usefull tips on how to play the Blob Runner 3D

1. Download and install the free game Blob Runner 3D from the APKzest Store.
2. Launch the game and create a new account.
3. Tap on the screen to move your character around and avoid obstacles.
4. Collect coins and power-ups to help you survive longer in the game.
5. Have fun playing Blob Runner 3D and good luck!


  • Blob Runner 3D gameは21票から4.00/5で評価されています およびrequire android 5.0を正しく実行する
  • blob runner game これは'に適していますeveryone 10+.
  • 合計46,874,150のインストール
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