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Spend a day in My Kindergarten by BabyBus! A great learning experience for kids.

My Kindergarten by BabyBus is a game that lets kids experience the fun activities in a kindergarten. They will play with their friends and take part in learning and sharing. Letting your child play this game will help them form relationships with other children, which is very important for future social skills.

The app includes different activities where your child can have fun. They will learn about colors, numbers, animals, names, fruits and vegetables, seasons, body parts, etc. Through this game they will form new friendships and practice the skills they will need for school.

My Kindergarten by BabyBus is an entertaining game that lets you spend a day in the kindergarten. You can play all the games with your friends and learn lots of new things.

Usefull tips on how to play the Baby Panda Kindergarten

1. Play the game with your children to get them interested in kindergarten and learning.
2. Choose the right level for your child. There are different activities and exercises to choose from, depending on your child's age and ability.
3. Entertaining and educational games are a great way to keep your children occupied and learning at the same time.
4. Take advantage of the various toys in the game to keep your children amused and engaged.
5. My Kindergarten by BabyBus is a great way to introduce your children to school life and make them feel part of the community.


  • Play lots of interactive toys
  • Join activities and exercises
  • Learning to care for friends!
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