Alphabet Master: Smash Letter APK アイコン

Alphabet Master: Smash Letter APK

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無料 game
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  • 最新バージョン: 1.6

Cloner enemies and fight to rescue Alphabet and teammates

A casual action game with a twist!

Main features

Clone enemies, use their skills, and defeat them.

You can play as Alphabet F or Alphabet G.

The game includes dozens of levels to play in.

You can unlock new characters and weapons as you progress.

It has a nice minimalist design and an interesting story that will keep you hooked on the screen for hours. Download Alphabet Master for free and enjoy this fun casual game where you must rescue your teammates from the clutches of the enemy. The more clones you have, the easier it will be to infiltrate the lair without being detected by the enemy. However, don't forget that each clone has its own weaknesses, so choose wisely. A good thing about Alphabet Master APK is that it's not just another clone game: there are lots of different enemies to fight against and each one has its own skill set. This way, players have a lot of options to make things more difficult for our enemies. What will you do? Will you succeed in rescuing your teammates? You decide!

Usefull tips on how to play the Alphabet Master

1. Play the game casually to improve your skills.
2. Use the clone ability to quickly infiltrate the enemy's lair.
3. Use your enemies' skills to your advantage.
4. Be careful of traps and poisoned food.
5. Use your brain to outsmart your enemies!


  • Alphabet Master: Smash Letter gameは12票から4.50/5で評価されています およびrequire android 5.0を正しく実行する
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