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Can you infect the world?

is a game that is not only fun, but also very difficult. The goal is to infect the world with the plague and wipe out all of humanity. You will have to use your wits, strategy and epidemiology skills to make it happen.

The most realistic simulation game ever made!

A highly addictive strategy game

This is one of those games that you can't stop playing. It's so much fun that you'll want to keep going even if you've played for hours on end without stopping. Your mission in this game is to evolve a deadly pathogen by making it mutate and evolve through generations. As you progress, you'll be able to unlock new types of bacteria, each with their own characteristics:

Causative agent.

Resistance to antibiotics.

Speed of infection.

You can choose from over 100 different diseases such as Ebola or HIV/AIDS, as well as other common diseases like flu or measles. You can also create your own disease by mixing two others together or combining them with other elements like alcohol or radiation. You'll need to get hold of all these elements in order to make your plague evolve and become more virulent, spreading faster and farther until it reaches its final destination: the whole human race! If you manage to complete the level objectives, you'll be able to unlock achievements and leaderboards where you can compare yourself with other players around the world. Plague Inc.'s graphics are amazing and its gameplay is so addictive that there's no way you won't want to play again and again just for the fun of it. A must-have for any mobile device! Download Plague Inc. APK, right now! And don’t forget about your inhaler!

What's new in the latest version New disease: Legionnaires' Disease (LFD). New achievements: LFD has been added as an achievement for completing levels 1-5 in Australia and New Zealand (level 6 was already available). Bug fixes related to some achievements: some users were unable to obtain certain achievements due to technical issues that have now been fixed. General bug fixes related to achievements not unlocking correctly when they should have done so (this issue affected achievements from previous versions). Minor improvements regarding user interface usability, including a better search function for finding specific information on diseases or mutations within them. Minor improvements regarding user experience when loading a saved game file (such

Usefull tips on how to play the Plague Inc.

1. Get to know the game – Plague Inc. is a complex game, but don’t be afraid to read up on our tips and tricks to help you get started.
2. Build your team – The key to success in Plague Inc. is building the perfect team of pathogens. Select the right ones for the right targets, and make sure they’re well-equipped for the task at hand.
3. Adapt and survive – The world is constantly changing, and so must your pathogens. Keep evolving to stay one step ahead of humanity’s defences.
4. Plan your attacks – Knowing when and where to strike is essential for victory in Plague Inc. Make sure you consider the strategic advantages of each target before launching an attack.
5. Stay alive – Humanity is determined to stop you, and will do everything in its power to prevent a global pandemic from happening. Make sure you keep your health and sanity high as you battle through hordes of infected humans and deadly virus strains.

What are some of the Key features

Following is a list of the most prominent features that Plague Inc. apk has to offer.

  • “The game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics” – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” – London Metro
  • Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer
  • “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN
  • Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management)
  • Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful)
  • 2 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?)
  • Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)
  • 0+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)
  • Full game support for scoreboards and achievements
  • Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie producing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real life Scenarios!
  • Can you save the world? Take control and stop a deadly global plague in our biggest expansion yet!
  • >The Plague Inc. game has been rated with 4.70/5 from 38 votes and require android 4.4 to run properly
  • A simulation game that is suitable for everyone 10+.
  • 112,552,257 total installs
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  • All engines on VirusTotal detected the latest APK uploaded on Aug 23, 2023 as safe and not harmful.

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