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Bash the scary teacher in this funny idle clicker school prankster game!

Bash the Teacher! School Prank is a clicker where you have to defeat all the teachers at school. To do so, you'll have to beat them with whatever weapon you find on the scene - from water balloons to paper planes, from rotten eggs to water balloons, etc. That said, be careful not to hit any students in the process!

The game has dozens of teachers and lots of weapons to use against them. So as you level up your own students and use them in battle, you'll get more and more weapons to use against the teachers.

With Bash the Teacher! School Prank APK, you'll have lots of fun eliminating all the teachers at school. Use your student's weapons against them until you've defeated every single one of them. And don't forget to check out the teacher's reactions - they're hilarious!

Usefull tips on how to play the Bash the Teacher! School Prank

1. Play the game for free - there is no need to spend money to get ahead in the game.
2. Collect items to help you in your quest to bash the teacher - these include weapons, desk items and pets.
3. Be creative in your attacks on the teacher - use whatever you have available to you to cause maximum damage!
4. Upgrade your weapons and items as you progress through the game, so that you are even more deadly when attacking the teacher!
5. Have fun playing Bash the Teacher! School Prank - it is a great idle clicker game for kids and adults alike!

What are some of the Key features

Following is a list of the most prominent features that Bash the Teacher! School Prank apk has to offer.

  • -- UPGRADES ----
  • School Desk Items:
  • Teacher’s Pets:
  • teachers to prank:
  • Miss Thunderface: Do not disturb this scary teacher unless you are prepared for her thunderous temper tantrums!
  • Sergeant Jughead: This scary teacher is ex-military, so pranking him is risky business!
  • Professor Bumfluff: Do not disturb this genius science teacher unless you are ready for a mini meltdown!
  • Mrs Pudding: Pranking this soft and cuddly teacher may seem cruel - but a prankster must show no weakness!
  • The Headmaster: Do not disturb the headmaster unless you are prepared for some serious headmaster sized temper tantrums!
  • -- FEATURES ----
  • Simple to play: Just tap the teacher, desk or pet in this hilarious idle clicker school game!
  • Loads of funny and creative teacher reactions, tantrums and meltdowns to discover!
  • Upgrade your weapons, school desk and teacher’s pets for loads of prankster fun!
  • Tap away to blast the scary teacher and school classroom with your weapons!
  • >The Bash the Teacher! School Prank game has been rated with 4.00/5 from 97 votes and require android 4.1 to run properly
  • A casual game that is suitable for teen.
  • 336,362 total installs
  • Free download of bash-the-teacher!-school-prank.apk
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