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Real classical puzzle escape game waiting here for entertain you

100 Doors for Android is a doors game specially designed to be fully-featured aura game.AURA OF IMMORTALS:tAura of Immortals is the very best adventurous and addictive point and click escape game in 2021 of exciting 25 levels released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. These free escape games are completely challenge filled with magical fantasies, adventures, mysteries of Demons and Gods along with riddling puzzles.

Key features

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AURA of IMMORTALS - Ancient Temple (Aura Room Escape)

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Is it good?

Well, as a top-performing game with an overall rating of 3.80 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

This is indeed the best hidden objects game that I have played. However, I have two issues. The first one is that on the puzzles that only give you two minutes to complete in order to obtain 50 coins, two minutes is not enough time because of how slow the game moves when you're using a phone. The second issue is that on the games that only allow you a certain number of moves in order to obtain the 50 coins, sometimes you have to waste one or two moves just to figure out how the little objects will move or just what's the objective and ultimately you get screwed. Overall, this was an excellent challenge, and I look forward to part 2. When will you have a part 2 because I'm very anxious? Oh and some of your puzzles Solutions were backwards and I had no choice but to watch the walk through which I don't like to use. Typically when the answer to a puzzle is found you'd expect that when you go back and do that puzzle it would be in that same direction not the opposite or flipped so some make absolutely no sense at all. If you would rather people use the the walkthroughs then yeah they make sense otherwise that's something you should look into.
HFG....Really superb ya..Wonderful design..Nice creativity....Nd well development by control of animations.. Hatsoff to ur new ideas about mini games inside a game for getting coins... Superb ya...I'm really Impressed...I wish to be a part of your team..Continue ur creatives.....My best wishes to u guyz ..I'm waiting for next adventure......

A killer doors game by Hidden Fun Games

Hidden Fun Games has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated escape software. What makes it successful? It is easy for a solid puzzle game with built-in challenging features.

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