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Master your robot and roll, walk, climb your way to the victory!

Rolly Legs is a super fun arcade game where you have to master your robot and roll, walk, climb your way to the victory! Use your legs wisely to control your robot, and try to avoid obstacles along the way.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line at the end of each level. To do so, you have to master your robot, which starts out as a tiny little thing. But with a little practice, you can make it grow (and also get a lot stronger).

But getting stronger doesn't come easy. You have to overcome a lot of obstacles along the way. Luckily, your robot can use its legs to jump over them.

Get super high scores and become the best Rolly Legs APK player in the world!

The gameplay in Rolly Legs is super addictive and completely fun. The graphics are also excellent and perfectly fit the overall style of the app. Overall, this is an excellent game that's perfect for passing time or for when you're waiting for something or just want to relax.

Usefull tips on how to play the Rolly Legs

1. Control your robot with simple finger movements.
2. Collect coins and power-ups to boost your performance.
3. Race against the clock to finish first.
4. Test your skills on different levels of difficulty.
5. Share your scores with friends on social media for bragging rights!


  • Rolly Legs game评分为12 满分为4.40和 require android 7.0才能正常运行
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